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LiveLink's AI-Powered Clip Maker For TikTok

Use LiveLink's AI Clip Maker to Generate Short-Form Content for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts

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LiveLink's AI Video Clip Maker For TikTok and Instagram

Short-form content can go viral fast. So to get more views and grow your brand, you can start creating short-form content.

You can do this by repurposing YouTube content with LiveLink's AI. It does the work by analysing your videos and auto-clipping them for TikTok and Instagram.

You don't have to work on these clips manually. Just copy the YouTube video URL and the AI will handle the rest.

Start creating clips with LiveLink.

Generate Clips with AI from a Video

Short-form content repurposing is the new trend. Tons of content creators use AI-powered tools to go viral on TikTok and similar platforms.

Podcast or YouTube channel, anybody can go viral with short-form content. You just need to branch out and start creating content that's short and engaging.

LiveLink's AI video clip maker can help you scale up your content creation efforts. It saves time and auto-generates short clips from longer videos.

With LiveLink, you don't have to go through old content and edit clips manually. You can just sit back or work on brand-new content for your podcast or YouTube channel.

How LiveLink's AI-Powered Video Maker Works

LiveLink's AI will scan your long-form videos and pick out the parts that can go viral. It cuts out the fluff and generates clips with short and interesting content.

This can be a viral-worthy statement or a quick product review. LiveLink identifies key moments and splits them into short and engaging clips.

After that, LiveLink edits the clips for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts. It adjusts the aspect ratio and adds things like auto-captions and quick cuts.

LiveLink gets them ready for social media posts. You upload them directly to TikTok, Instagram or YouTube shorts.

Also, to make edits, you can use LiveLink's built-in editor. It comes with video editing features to trim, add captions, apply custom branding, and so much more.

Post short-form content to your target audience in almost real-time. Clip videos and start creating with LiveLink.

How to Make AI-Generated Clips From YouTube Videos

  1. First, copy the YouTube video URL
  2. Then, navigate to
  3. Paste the URL in the search bar
  4. Click on "Create Clips" or "Try for Free"
  5. Pick a video format
  1. After that, LiveLink AI will start generating clips
  2. You can then browse the list of AI-generated short clips
  3. Download clips by using the download button
  1. To edit videos, click on the edit button next to the clip
  2. LiveLink will open the built-in video editor and you can start editing clips

Auto-Captions With LiveLink's AI Video Clip Maker

Almost 99% of people view TikTok, Instagram and YouTube shorts on their mobile phones. On top of that, they don’t always listen to the audio in these clips.

So you have a short window to impress your viewers and keep them watching. It’s best to take advantage of this with snappy, engaging visuals and large captions.

LiveLink takes care of this by adding auto-captions for every AI-generated clip. Its AI analyses the transcript and creates attention-grabbing captions. These captions also line up perfectly with what the speaker is saying.

You don't want to upload your short-form video clips without any captions. Add auto-captions and boost your content with LiveLink AI.

Edit Captions and Set Up Custom Brand Templates

You can add a more personal touch by editing the captions or adding your custom branding. Using the free video editor, you can shorten the default captions or make any corrections.

Along with that, you can adjust the styling of these captions. These include things such as font, colour, size, alignment and many more.

With LiveLink, you can set up presets or branding templates for these captions. You can edit your shorts faster and maintain a consistent style or aesthetic.

How to Edit Captions With LiveLink

  1. Open your clip or create a new project in LiveLink
  2. Click on the edit button to open the video editor
  3. From the transcript window, browse to find the caption you want to edit
  4. You can use Ctrl+F (Command + F on Mac) to use the search function and find a specific word or phrase
  1. Then, click on the word you want to edit
  2. After that, click on the edit icon that looks like a pencil
  3. Then, you can type and edit the captions on the transcript. You can add new text, delete or replace
  1. Click anywhere outside the transcript to save your changes
  2. Preview your changes by pressing the play button
  3. To save your changes, click on the "Save Changes" button

How to Edit Brand Templates with LiveLink's Video Editor

  1. Select a clip and open the editor
  2. After that, click on the "Design" tab at the top left
  3. Pick a brand template or start adjusting the styling
  4. To edit styling options, enable the "customise this style" toggle
  1. To save your current template, click on the save button at the top of the design tab

Different Video Formats for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts

LiveLink allows you to pick between three different content formats. You can pick between a 9:16 mobile view, 1:1 square or 16:9 landscape.

These are popular formats used in TikTok and Instagram. They will keep important subjects inside the frame.

9:16 is the default for most social media platforms. That said, you might need to switch things up depending on the type of video content.

So if you have clips from a sports segment or a gaming live stream, you can pick 16:9 to cover more area. But if you have a podcast with one or many speakers, you should stick to 9:16 or 1:1.

Advanced Facial Recognition to Focus on Speakers in Your Short Clips

LiveLink also scans the video and reframes it to focus on the active speaker or object of interest. So if you have a podcast with several people, it will focus on who's talking and centre them on the frame.

Also, if you have a product or interesting location, LiveLink's AI will keep them inside the frame.

Generate Titles, and Hashtags With LiveLink's AI Video Clip Maker

LiveLink can make clips from video AI. On top of that, it picks out snappy titles and hashtags that will help your marketing efforts.

With this, you don't need to figure out titles, descriptions or hashtags by yourself. You can use these directly on your social media or get a better idea about how to set up your short clips.

You don't have to spend time watching or skimming these videos to grab the perfect title or set of hashtags. You can work with these suggestions or improve them as you go.

As you can tell, this speeds up your content creation workflow by 10x. It also makes it easier for others to manage your video production process without any extra effort.

LiveLink allows you to put your clip channels and short-form content on auto-pilot. Let AI create clips with LiveLink.

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Yes, you can easily repurpose your long-form YouTube videos into several TikToks. You can speed up this video creation process with LiveLink's AI video clip maker.

When it comes to digital marketing, the more social media platforms you can cover the better. That said, if your main focus is short-form content, you can start with TikTok and Instagram Reels.Also, if you have a YouTube channel, you can create clips for YouTube shorts. It will help boost your channel and drive more traffic to your longer videos.

Yes, you can upload an MP4 video file to LiveLink and create clips the same way. Simply click on "upload a video." Then, browse or drag and drop your video file.

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