Easily apply captions templates to your clips

Livelink Ai is the only platform that allows you to effortlessly incorporate caption templates into your clips on the go, providing the added flexibility of editing your caption templates.

New feature
The basics
Tips and tricks

It's super simple

First of all, create your clips by uploading or pasting a link from youtube. Once you have the clips you'll see the brand new clips view.
simply click the drop down to choose a new style of captions, its as simple as that.

The first time you use this feature

All you might see is one template and the option to edit them. No worries, to create a new template, simply click 'edit captions' from the clips view and you'll be taken to a brand new captions template page where you can see a preview of your design and have all the same control over the text as you would in the editor, the best bit, this page is available on mobile to, so not only can you post your videos on the go, you can even create new and exciting captions templates- save you work once you're done.

Now you'll see the new template available in the drop down on the clips page, allowing you to easily apply captions to all or just your selected clips.

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